Tampa Bay Surgery Specialists is the practice of Thomas L. Greene MD located in Tampa, Florida. 

Dr. Greene specializes in Hand Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery (upper extremity only). Hand Surgery is a specialty that cares for a wide variety of injuries and diseases of the hand and wrist in patients of all ages, by both non-operative and operative means, from congenital differences at birth to the injuries and multitude of diseases and problems that occur in adult life. Common  problems are tendon injuries and diseases (eg trigger finger), nerve problems (eg carpal tunnel syndrome), and joint problems (arthritis, ligament injuries hand and wrist), fracture treatment and repair, and arthroscopic surgery (wrist and shoulder). 

Dr. Greene has over thirty years experience in evaluating and treating hand and upper extremity conditions from simple to complex. Special evaluations are available for complicated problems, second opinions, and independent medical evaluations. Each patient is provided the undivided attention of Dr. Greene at each office visit: a one-on-one medical experience. 

We strive to provide the highest quality care in a professional and efficient atmosphere. Our staff is readily available and will help you through your episode of care.